A (Graphic) designer comparable with black & white, beer & wine, sweet & salty… you can’t reconize one contrast without another. That’s comparable to my personal mindset, you don’t know it, if you don’t try it! Some people say ‘impossible’ imposible doesn’t exist in my world. For example borders, as a (graphic) designer I don’t believe in borders, no limitation on subjects and thinking.

Comparable with a tarantula in her web, the hardworking girl with her own vision: if you really want something, together we do it! Challenge reality!

My specialties are graphic design, illustration, packaging and handcrafts, but I love to improve new skills. Visualizations with a double layer and special details are some of the elements in my field of interest. I’m a perfectionist, idealist but above of all a optimist!

Just to be honest, i think we need to meet in the real world. Some tips to keep the engine running:
I love black coffee;
good sense of humor;
different kinds of GOOD music;
shitload of work;
positive energy.

Just kidding, i would like you to contact me.
hope to hear from you soon!

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