Wax, a material with lots of possibilities. A natural product, which you can melt, cool, melt and cool again. To me, melting down, cooling, recreating and reshaping are the most important characteristics of wax. As well, the very valuable for my project. This proces of melting and reshaping made me think of recycle, sustainability and infinity. These concepts became the essence of Bee.

Bee stands for innovative packaging. You can use this wine bottle in a way you want it (to be)! This bottle consists of 100% natural bee wax and has an organic shape which shows this natural packaging.

By melting the bottle you can re-use the wax, for example for wrapping fruit (which cause longer shelf life and influences from the outside), make different kinds of objects waterproof like templets and flowerpots, transform the bottle in a candle by means of the wick you can find at the manual and don’t forget to try many more oportunities.

Take a glass,

Cheers, enjoy and Bee Wine!