One of the worst problems in the world concerning privacy
is privacy violation of the body. Also, sexual assault or rape. Of course it’s
terrible that this happens, but more worse is that 3% of the declarations
doesn’t get a prosecution.

This is the main reason for us to build; ISN, ISN stands for I Said No,
fight for the physical privacy of the woman of our world.
When you say no, this means NO!

Who takes the responsibility of protecting
the physical privacy of our women?
Is this their own responsibility?
Or is this the responsibility of someone else’s?

That’s why the ISN made this protest campaign with ‘The Manproof Bra’.
ISN thinks that not only men’s are responsible, but also the government,
the police and especially the Lingerie industry as well.

ISN thinks that this industry has to take the first steps in the responsibility
of protecting the physical privacy of the woman.


We woman have the freedom to express ourselves the way we want to,
Expressing ourselves without being afraid to get raped!


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